Prem Thottumkara

Business Development Specialist


Prem Thottumkara is a business development specialist at Overcome, working on the company's advertising and sales strategy for its business-to-consumer projects.

Prem is a graduate of Stanford University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He has a keen sense for the future of gaming and seeks to build novel solutions to problems within the industry.

After beginning his education in chemistry and engineering, Prem pivoted to psychology with an interest in starting serious conversations about mental health in gaming. During his time at Stanford, he hosted and produced two podcasts about mental health and psychology in gaming, as well as several panels at Stanford and major gaming events about the industry as a whole.

After graduating and during the pandemic, he hosted gaming events in which he independently brought on sponsors from major esports teams and brands, as well as top talent across multiple games. His largest event raised over $5,000 for mental health non-profits in one day.