Visionaries: Gaming, Media and the Internet Dissected

Gaming, new media, and influence—where do they all intersect? From former ESPN, award-winning journalist Jacob Wolf and Overcome comes Visionaries, a new twice-weekly podcast that interviews some of the most powerful people on the Internet. Hear from your favorite content creators, game developers, pro gamers and others who shape the media we consume today.

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Visionaries airs live on Twitter Spaces every Monday and Wednesday.

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Breath of Fresh Air

"Everyone wants to tell the hard-hitting stories and have the meaningful conversations. But with the world the way it is today, few are afforded those opportunities. I love seeing that an established name like Jacob is taking his platform and influence and using it to fill a much-needed hole in the esports journalism space."


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An Esports Podcast with Substance

"Visionaries features interesting conversations with notable individuals in esports. Developers, pro gamers, and content creators discuss their careers and the challenges that come from navigating the competitive and ever-changing esports landscape."


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Just what I Expected From Jacob Wolf

Informative, entertaining, insightful. If you’re familiar with Jacob Wolf and his work, you know that these are all qualities that have enabled him to stand out in the industry for so long. This podcast lets these attributes shine further than they can simply through writing and truly brings out why Jacob is where he is today. With a mix of hard-hitting and lighthearted questions, Jacob effectively helps audiences learn more about his guests and what has made them “visionaries” in their fields, and does so in such a comfortable, conversational manner.


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